Cryptid Survival Role Playing Game
Randomly generated tower of trade for tabletop RPGs.
An adventure for the Knave and other Old School RPGs
a combat puzzle game
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Put out candles so you can get some sleep.
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Weird Little Physical Games

These are small physical games that I made in a short time. Some of them were for game jams, others just for fun. These may not have been playtested or had extensive proofreading.

PuzzleScript Games

I love PuzzleScript . Its very easy and fun to use. The minimalist graphics and audio allow me to focus on messing around with fun mechanics. I encourage you to try it as well!

GameMaker Games

For one summer I got super into GameMaker and made a bunch of little games.

OSR/Sworddream RPG stuff

These are, by far, my most popular games. I've always enjoyed RPGs, but it was once I found out about the OSR scene that I decided to get involved in making my own. Around the time I got into it people started talking about SwordDream, whic...